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Hardscape Gas Fire Pits

The Rectangular Fire Pit works in many areas where a circle fire pit does not. By running the gas line from the meter and upsizing the gas line BTU’s of 250,000 can be obtained.

Garden Art Landscaping uses ” The Gas Connection” company out of Broomfield, Colorado to install all the gas lines and tie them into the Gas Meter. The flames put out from the fire pits done in this fashion are taller and brighter and much warmer than propane or just using a small 3/4″ gas line that is for a grill.

The Rectangular Fire Pit can offer more seating and match the grill island nicely. Residential  Custom Circle Fire Pits are generally 52″  in outer diameter and 24″ inches in height. The most important part of a fire pit to have great flames is the burner element that is inserted below the lava rock and grate. Garden Art Landscaping uses custom built Stainless Steel Dual Circle Burner Elements to have the best and tallest flame output. And Flame output can be adjusted with the gas valve with a key on the side of the Fire Pit.  Garden Art Landscaping also makes sure that there are two or three air holes for ventilation which will allow for safety.

Circle Hardscape Gas Fire Pit  The use of Buff Flagstone or Red/ Grey Flagstone for the Capper stone is nice. For the side veneer of the Fire Pit Cultured Stone can be used to match the cultured stone as well as natural stone options. Lava rock is the best natural option to put on top of the grate and stainless steel burner element. Lava Rock comes in Burgundy and Black colors and is radiant and holds heat! Gas Fireplace with Mantel and Hearth and upper Stucco section to match the house.

Cultured Stone Veneer and Buff Flagstone Hearth Mantel and Cap Stones Belgard: Lafitt Rustic Slab Pavestone Patio Manufactored Outdoor Gas Fireplaces generally only put out between 75,000 and 90,000 BTU’s
This is the same amount a regular Gas Grill requires with all bruners working. Garden Art Landscaping used the ” Gas Connection of Colorado” out of Broomfield, Colorado to install all the gas lines from the gas meter. Upsize the gas valve at the gas meter if needed for required gas volume, and custom construct the dual ring fire burning element  Gas Connection with Garden Art landscaping always requires that at least two vent holes in the fire pits are drilled or notched out about the size of a deck of cards. This keeps the fire pit from becoming a combustible unit.